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I thought that it was time to change the blog theme and after much searching I found this great WordPress Theme Site that not only had a huge selection, they offered them all for free. I finally decided on this little number and it didn’t take me long to get it just the way I wanted it. I liked the fact that it offered a larger than normal ‘posting’ area as this would let me post bigger images when I felt they were required. Take this photo for instance of my father-in-law’s multi-citrus fruit tree.

Sell photos on photrade | By Sire

I don’t think it knows if it is Arthur or Martha as he has grafted so many different varieties of oranges, mandarins and lemons on it that it actually allows him to pick the fruit all year round.

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  1. timsdd

    Sweet new look! Is that your new ride @ the top? :p
    Love the nav bar @ the top too.

    1. Sire

      Nope, but I am working on it. With any luck they may be able to bury me in it. :doh_tb:

  2. trade show display

    hi Sire, I thought something was different when I got here this time. Didn’t you used to have a black car at the top? ~ Steve

    1. Sire

      Sure did Steve but I changed it for two reasons, not enough contrast and it wasn’t a Ferrari!

  3. TCDubai

    Great new design…the new blog looks amazing and extremely professional. Great job. I will have to visit the link when i’m ready to start my own blog.

  4. Sire

    I’m glad you liked it.

  5. Krista Neher

    The new wordpress theme looks HOT!

    – Krista

  6. Sire

    Thanks Krista, and may I had that all the positive feed back has mad it all worthwhile.

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