Basic YouTube Tips For A Better Video

Basic YouTube Tips to come. First I want to mention last weeks post called Making Money On YouTube. That post spoke about how to get started, income wise, on YouTube and mentioned a few tips on the type of videos that are popular on YouTube.

For this post I’m going to mention some basic YouTube tips for a better video.

Basic YouTube Tips #1 Good Quality

Basic YouTube tipsAfter producing your video you want sit back and critique its quality. Say to yourself, is that my best effort? If its not then ask yourself, what can I do to make it better?

I always make sure that all my videos are now in HD (high definition). This way, if they watch it in full screen mode they’ll get the clearest picture possible.

You also want to make sure the lighting is good. People hate straining in order to make something out. If that’s the case they’re more likely to move on.

Video quality also relates to audio, especially if you’re speaking to your audience. I always go into my office and close the door to lock out all external noises. This way there is nothing to distract me or my audience.

Basic YouTube Video Tips #2 Editing

When making a video I usually have several takes until I get one that I’m fairly happy with. Once that happens, I load it into my favourite MacBook Pro editor, Final Cut Pro. It’s only then that I’m able to edit out all the poor shots and spruce up the video with some classy titles, transitions as well as using other editing tools.

Take my video on Zack’s antics for example. I took that when Zack started running around the garden. It was actually two videos spliced into one. Because there were a lot of times when Zack was out of the frame I had to do some major editing to get it to a state which I thought was good enough for YouTube.

I then added a couple of slow motion shots and closeups to highlight some of Zack’s really slick moves. Finally I did a voiceover that I hope makes it sound like Zack is doing all the talking. Finally I added the professional title and a bit of blurb at the end. Once I was happy I uploaded it to YouTube.

If you like the video I would really appreciate it if you could give it the thumbs up. You could do that on the following link, Funny cute dog antics.

Just so you know I decided to do that video because my research shows that dog/animal videos can do very well on YouTube.

I’ll be doing more posts on trying to crack the YouTube market so you may want to pop in occasionally. 😉