Blog Engage Nearing The One Year Anniversary

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I just wanted to congratulate Brian of Blog Engage on his up and coming one year anniversary. I reckon he has done a marvelous job on this site and I much prefer it to Digg and the others. Why, because he gives it his personal touch and you can almost feel that he is always lurking around in the background making sure that all his members are happy.

If you haven’t joined yet, I think that you should head on over there and give it the once over, and then if you still haven’t joined, I want to know why not?

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  1. bbrian017

    Thanks for the kind words Sire! I’m always “lurking” about 3 hours day ensuring our visitors get to see your nice blog posts and not spam! I know I can’t be there all the time be rest assured when I do get in front of the pc I’m on a spam kill mission!

    Dam spammers there are killing me!

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  2. Sire

    I hate spammers, and I am sorry that they are giving you such a hard time. Are there no spam filters that you can utilize?

  3. bbrian017

    Well I had some spam mods installed but when they are active it takes very long to submit an article … so I decided I would manually take care of the spam!

    It’s getting better I have over 1000 url’s banned so that helps from repeat spammers!

  4. Sire

    See, as usual, you are looking after your customers interests, which is why your site continues to grow.

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