Blogging 4 Income’s First Post

Learn why Blogging 4 income came into being. Yes, while there are many posts on this blog, this is Blogging 4 Income’s very first post. It may seem especially strange if you were to look back to my very first post, Introduction To Blogging Your Way To More Wealth, which I wrote back in 2006. But, in those days, right up until yesterday, this blog was known as BlogSire.

Blogging 4 Income Better For SEO

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I didn’t know much about SEO when I thought of BlogSire as a domain name. I thought it sounded cute because I was a blogger who, at that time, went by the pseudonym Sire. Sure, it was cute but was completely useless as far as SEO went. That, however, was not why BlogSire had to go. The reason for its demise was pure and simple, I was looking to cut costs which meant reducing my blog hosts.

Blogging 4 Income Now On Inmotion Hosting

InMotion Hosting was and is the first and only VPS hosting that I have used. I’ve found them to be most reliable, and whenever I have ventured out to play with the core of one of my blogs and stuffed up, they have always been there to help me out. Their support has always been flawless.

Other blogs that I’m hosting with InMotion Hosting include:

Because all these sites are hosted on a VPS host instead of a shared host I have found my blogs not to be prone to hanging or received notifications from the web hosts that they may have to terminate my account because I’m using too much bandwidth!

Good SEO Begins With A Good Domain Name

As far as SEO and domains go I believe that Blogging4Income is so much better than BlogSire ever was. In future post I will talk about how much money you can really make online, whether from blogging or from other online ventures.