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You know I never would have believed that it would ever happen. I log on daily to PPP and look with envy at the lucky blogger who made to Blog Of The Day. I admit I was a little envious, shit I was a lot envious and I vowed that one day that one of my blogs would be the one displayed in that most prestigious spot. Today, Monday 28th May 2007 is that lucky day, and guess what? In case you weren’t lucky enough to see it, I took a shot of it for all to see.

blogof the day

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  1. Christine

    Congrats my friend, I’m so proud of you.

  2. Allie

    Congrats to you, Sire!

  3. Sire

    Thanks guys, I reckon your sentiments mean more than the prize itself.

  4. skouba

    woo hoo!! way to go sire! :clap_tb:

    btw, got a question for ya….

    I got an email from an acquaintance saying he thinks bloggerwave is bogus…what have you heard about that??

  5. Sire

    Thanks Skouba.

    As for Bloggerwave, I reckon it’s legit. I’ve made $104 and it’s already been paid into my PayPal account, and as far as I’m concerned that’s proof enough.

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