Beautiful Wedding Dresses

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Every bride wants to look beautiful on their wedding day so you can’t blame them for wanting a beautiful wedding dress. Unfortunately there are a lot of brides out there who settle for a wedding dress they’re not completely happy with. Which is sad really, especially when there are so many beautiful wedding dresses out there that are really affordable.

Affordable & Beautiful Wedding Dresses

So, where can you find these affordable wedding dresses? I’m so glad you asked, and that link will take you right there. In case you’re not convinced enough to follow that link, I’m going to post some images of these stunning affordable wedding dresses.

beautiful wedding dress

This simple but elegant wedding dress at the moment is priced to sell for under $45!

Or you might like something a little sexier with chiffon lace. I think the one below for under $80 might do the trick.

Beautiful Affordable wedding dress
Perhaps you can stretch your budget a little further. Cool, then how about this stunning ball gown wedding dress with beautifully ornate train.

cheap wedding dresses
You’d expect to pay thousands for a wedding dress with so much work in it right? This beautifully stunning wedding dress is priced to sell for about $265.

There are so many affordable wedding dresses that I simply couldn’t include them all in this post. I will post one more for you. The following custom made wedding dress has a figure hugging crystal diamond studded bodice with a sexy v-neck. Complete with a beautiful long train this is a wedding dress that almost any bride will fall in love with.

As far as price is concerned this wedding dress will only set you back about $680. Check it out!

sexy wedding dress
Honestly, if you’re looking for a beautiful wedding dress that won’t cost you an arm and a leg this gift store is certainly worth looking at. They also have a great selection of affordable wedding accessories.

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VPN Saving You From Big Brother And Hackers

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There used to be a time when surfing on the Net was a relatively save affair. Sadly, that is no longer the case. These days a lot of shit can happen to innocent online users! That’s why so many are turning to VPN for their online security. That and because they’re tired of people spying on their online activities. From government agencies to potential hackers!

How Does A VPN Work?

How Does VPN Work

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Simply speaking a VPN, (Virtual Private Network) connects two computers securely and privately over the internet. So, once you’ve joined a VPN client you connect to a VPN server on another computer and by using encryption and other security measures, all your online activity is hidden from unwanted prying eyes. Just to be clear, this means no-one can see which websites you visit, what you download, or whether you use Skype, bit torrent, or any other applications!

Being an Aussie I was attracted to NordVPN.

NordVPN works at the TCP/IP level, which means all your applications are secured, not just your web browser. VPN service can protect your whole system and network, including your mobile phone, tablet, and even TV. It also protects all your applications, such as your web browser, Skype, Facebook app, online poker software, etc.

NordVPN uses military-grade encryption to hide your traffic from prying eyes. It’s fast, with low ping times, and our servers are designed to withstand heavy traffic, making them ideal for fast Internet browsing, HD video streaming, secure VoIP, and more.

I was happy to discover that they’ve been offering their VPN services for over ten years. That is so important when looking for a reliable VPN provider because you know they’re not going to disappear overnight.

Something else that’s really important is a VPN provider that allows easy installation on your computer or device.With NordVPN all you do is download and run one file. That’s it! It’s so easy that “anyone can set up our software and get online in seconds. NordVPN supports any device, including Android devices, iPhones, iPads, game consoles, Macs, and PCs. There are no bandwidth limits, so no matter what device you use, you never have to keep your eye on a meter.”

Most people don’t like to join an online company unless that company comes with some form of recommendations. NordVPN has been reviewed in,,,,,,,,,, as well as other outlets.

What’s even better is they’re PCMag’s editor choice, and you can get a VPN account for only $3 for a limited time as there is only a limited number left!

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How To Have A Green Blog

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I bet you didn’t know that you could actually get green hosting for your blog or website? I know I was surprised when I happened across GreenGeeks who are said  to be the world’s #1 green web hosting site.I know there are a lot of people out there arguing about whether or not global warming actually exists but as far as I’m concerned rather than pushing the idea of global warming down peoples throats they should be concentrating on how we are ruining this beautiful world of ours through pollution.

Talking about pollution is way more tangible than the idea of global warming because it’s so much more tangible!Anyone who lives in a major city can testify about the smog ridden impurities in the atmosphere. Anyone visiting from the country areas will testify how they notice the difference in the quality of the air. The trouble is unless we do something about it now it will spread like a cancer until no matter where we go we’ll be breathing in air that has been infected with man’s pollutants.We as individuals should be doing whatever we can to minimise that and having a green blog or website is just one of the ways we can use to go green. Apart from going green GreenGeeks has a lot of features to offer including;

  • Unlimited Web Space
  • Unlimited Bandwidth (Data Transfer)
  • Host Unlimited Domains on 1 Account
  • Unlimited E-mail Accounts
  • Unlimited MySQL Databases
  • FREE Domain Name for Life
  • FREE Site Migration
  • FREE Marketing Credits
  • FREE Web Site Builder + Templates

So, if you’re dissatisfied with your hosting, are looking for a host or simply want to do your bit by going green then perhaps you should consider joining the #1 Green Web Hosting site, GreenGeeks.

What’s that I hear, how can a web host be considered green? Well, firstly you need to know is that data centres, as this article shows, are becoming huge polluters, so much so that it’s said they’re going to overtake the airline industry! The GreenGeeks overcome this, partly by using the latest in technology but mostly by purchasing three times what they use from the grid in wind energy credits.

So, if you want to do your bit for the environment perhaps you’d consider using a green web host and using you can save thirty dollars by using the blogsire30coupon.

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