Promoting A Blog With Instagram

I’m in the process of promoting a blog with Instagram. I’m sure you’ll all agree that driving traffic to a blog, no matter how old it is, isn’t at all easy. Not long ago, I wrote a post about my latest blog

Since that post, I’ve been thinking about how to drive traffic to the blog, and I wanted to do it all for free! That’s when I thought I would give Instagram a go.

How I’m Promoting A Blog With Instagram

I’m happy to admit that I’m still learning how to use Instagram as a promotional tool. So if any of you guys have some tips on promoting a blog with Instagram, then feel happy to leave a comment down below. What I have learnt through my research, I used the knowledge to produce a video about Instagram and blog promotion.

Choosing The Right Instagram Name

When starting an Instagram account to promote a blog, it seemed smart to ensure they shared the same niche. The closest I could get to was _laugh_out_really_loud, which I thought was still pretty cool. I’m going to make sure that the bulk of the posts will be funny memes that will try to put at the very least a smile on the viewers’ faces.

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Excitement In Adelaide

A lot of people think that Adelaide is boring and that there’s nothing to do in Adelaide, which is far from the truth. There is always stuff to do; in fact, you can also find excitement in Adelaide. ‘Excitement in Adelaide’, I can almost hear you ask. And I can tell you that I had an exhilarating experience in Adelaide just the other weekend. 

Adelaide RoofClimb / Excitement In Adelaide

excitement in Adelaide

Last year I received a coupon for the Adelaide RoofClimb as a birthday present. I wasn’t all that excited about that coupon because I’m not all that good with heights. Still, I wasn’t about to waste a good voucher, so I bit the bullet and got the wife to book the Adelaide RoofClimb for me. 

It was a blast. It was so good I decided to put an Adelaide Oval RoofClimb video together. Unfortunately, we were not allowed to take a camera or even our smartphones with us. I suppose it’s part of their Occupation Health And Safety rules and has nothing to do with the fact that they would love to sell you some photos of your roof climb experience. Still, they do give you a certificate as well as a group photo of your roof-climb.

There is one crucial thing you need to be aware of, and that is to make sure you do not drink any alcohol before the roof-climb. After filling the required form, all climbers are given a breathalyzer, and if anyone records an alcohol reading, they won’t be going on any roof-climb.

We all know that I’m trying to build my YouTube Channel. I’ve mentioned it in several posts including my Latest YouTube Update

Something many YT’ers aren’t doing is leaving good comments. In order to help them get an advantage, I produced my how to leave great comments on YouTube video. What with the uproar about YouTube deleting channels and banning comments of others because of people abusing the comments section I figured it was the perfect timing for my commenting video.

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Gerni Water Pressure Cleaner

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Yep, I finally got myself a Gerni water pressure cleaner. I’ve been thinking about getting one for ages. Last Saturday when I had to clean the pavers in preparation for having the family over for Easter was the last straw.

Why Gerni Water Pressure Cleaner

Gerni Water Pressure Cleaner

I was using the garden hose to wash down the pavers, something that took way longer than it should have, not to mention wasting a lot of water, when I decided this was BS. There had to be a better way, and that was when it came to me. I needed a water pressure cleaner.

I decided on the Gerni because after some research I decided it was the best value for money. Primarily because the Gerni Classic 130.3 also came with a few accessories. Such as a patio scrubber, car brush and soaper.

All in all, I’m pretty happy with my new Gerni, especially the oscillating pressure attachment which seems to get the grime off a lot better than the standard accessory. The only thing I wasn’t impressed with was the instructions. Could not work out why these days they persist with graphical instructions. They’d be fine except that sometimes they’re just not clear enough.

What really pissed me off was they didn’t explain how to load the hose on the reel. I suppose the guys that produced the instructions just expected everyone to know. Anyway, it took me a fair while to work out a system. If you’re interested, I did a video on how to use the hose reel on a Gerni Classic 130.3. So, check out my video if you want to know how to load the Gerni Classic 130.3 hose reel.

Other posts that may interest is my Latest YouTube updates. You may even get a few laughs from reading my  Heaps of Jokes or by watching my Laughaholics video. I’m always looking for YouTube subscribers.

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