Crappy Comments On YouTube

Have you ever noticed the crappy comments on YouTube? Yep, YouTube is full of crappy comments. The question is why are the so many crappy comments on YouTube. Is it because commenters don’t know any better? Is it because everyone believes that getting rid of crappy comments is an infringement of free speech?

Crappy Comments On YouTube

Crappy Comments On YouTube Great For Marketing

Actually, we can thank our lucky stars that there are so many crappy comments on YouTube and I’m going to tell you why. I’ve written a lot of posts on the importance of commenting, including Teaching People The Proper Way To Comment. I’ve used my commenting on other blogs over the years, and it paid off by increasing both my traffic and my readership.

We all know that I’m trying to build my YouTube Channel. I’ve mentioned it in several posts including my Latest YouTube Update. That’s when it hit me. Because of all the poor comments, people leave on YouTube if I was to start leaving exceptional comments that would make me stand out from the crowd. People should, therefore, start to notice me and a great percentage of those people should follow my comments back to my YouTube channel. Heck, they may even subscribe.

I’d be getting more comments and more subscribers. A win-win situation, wouldn’t you agree.

I thought that would also be a great time to produce another video, one about how to leave great comments on YouTube. What with the uproar about YouTube deleting channels and banning comments of others because of people abusing the comments section I figured it was the perfect timing for my commenting video.

Since then I’ve been selecting what I feel are the best videos to comment on and leaving what I feel are exceptional comments. I’ll try to continue that regimen for as long as possible hoping that my commenting theory is correct.