Credit Where Credit Is Due!

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I had just completed a post where I was testing a new plug-in for WordPress. Thanks to Christine of The Sapheyerblu Review, who was the first person to test it and therefore gets a special mention, I know that it works. Its pretty configurable and I’ve set it so it only shows the top 5.

An added bonus for those who comment is that their name is also linked to their blog. The bonus for me is that if they want to continue to have their name displayed they will return and continue to comment. If you would like this plug-in for your WordPress blog it’s called Show Top Commentators by Nate Sanden.

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  1. Angela

    Thanks, Sire! I’ve wondering where to find this plugin.

  2. Christine

    Thanks Babe.

    I’ve never been given an honorable mention for running my mouth before. LOL


  3. Sire

    Why Angela (deep bow) it was my pleasure to help a young maiden. (kisses hand, turns and exits stage left)

  4. Sire

    My Dear Christine, this knight bows (another deep bow) to your many attributes (tries to look up skirt on way up) and hopes that we shall have many such virtual time together.

  5. Christine

    Honey, stop trying to look up my skirt. You know you’ll just get dizzy and fall down. However, it will be good for a laugh. LOL

    1. Sire

      In that case I can only hope for some mouth to mouth.

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