Finally! Guaranteed Payment For Having A Blog

This site is definitely a must not only for bloggers, but for webmasters as well. As long as you have your own domain, another reason for hosting your own site, you will get paid £5 (it’s an English Site) every month into your PayPal account. This is straight from their Home Page:

All you have to do is implement 3 of our 468 x 60 banners on your web site. Your site can be or any size, with any amount of traffic, we don’t mind at all! As long as the banners are implemented on your site and retained, you’ll continue to receive PayPal payments! You can even have multiple sites.

I have incorporated these links on the pages that show me the least return, my ‘about’ page, site map and disclosure policy pages, so that I am now maximizing my total blog. Not only is this site free, they actually pay £10 just to get members. And there is more, sounds like a commercial doesn’t it, once a member you can recruit others and you will be paid £10 for all members you recruit. Now that is pretty amazing.

If you would like to join, and you would be mad not to, simply head on over to Freebies4webmasters right now. I have incorporated their banners into 6 of my blogs so I am guaranteed £30 a month. That’s $US55 or in my case $64 Aussie dollars every month.

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    I will have to look into this. thanks sire.

  2. Sire

    Stacey, all I can say is have I ever led you down the garden path? Honestly, I have just joined this, and like all things I join it has the main characteristic of being free. I figure, How can I lose? Let me know what you think.


    ha ha! I hope to have some time tomorrow to look at it. hey, free is always good!

  4. Lisa

    My biggest step now is to find a web hosting, but right now i might need to gain some traffic in order to earn some $$$ 😀

    Lisas last blog post..LINK LOVE

  5. Sire

    Hosting your own blog is a definite plus and there are many good packages around. Unfortunately Freebies4Webmasters are not taking on any new members at the moment.

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