Get Your Free Domain Analysis Done To See How You Score

I have come across a site that offers a domain name analysis that would be very useful for those wanting to protect their potential internet business. It involves taking a short quiz where you answer 3 simple questions. Upon completion of the quiz you will receive a domain scorecard that analyzes your domain name in 6 key areas of domain name success.

I tried it out for my blog and got an overall score of 1 out of ten. It will then offer you solutions in how to improve your overall score and I can see where these solutions can help companies protect their domain. An example would be a company who sells widgets that had acquired Unless they also acquired the other extensions such as .net, .org, .us, .biz etc they would have competitors setting up business virtually next door.

Another would be taking into consideration the misspelling of your domain. Unless you take this into consideration you would be losing all the traffic from people who typically misspell, use abbreviations and even use sound alike versions of a main domain name. Unless you take this into consideration you could be losing a lot of the traffic trying to reach your site.

Considering it is a free service it might just well be worth seeing just how well your domain name score card looks.