Have You Seen The Climate Change Channel?


Climate change is a huge topic these days and it’s no wonder considering it involves every single person on the planet. There is much debate on what can be done, should be done or even whether global warming is man’s fault at all. Still it doesn’t matter what the view, the fact that millions of people world wide are interested in what is being said and done on this topic has led to many searches on the net looking for information.It is obvious to me that there is a need for every person living on this planet to take a part in saving our precious world from climate change. When you consider that a lot of pollution spewed into the atmosphere is caused through the production of electricity then it we can all make an impact just by reducing the consumption of electricity in the home. This can be easily done by using energy saving globes, turning lights off when leaving the room, not leaving devices on standby and checking the seals on fridges and such.

We should even be forcing companies to comply with restrictions of emission. If you know of any that are not then boycott them and petition others to do the same. I found a great site called the Climate Change Cahnnel which has all the latest news on climate change. The one I found specially interesting has Governor Crist who opens the Florida Summit on
Global Climate Change and talks about his state and what they can do to help
solve the problem, including energy from citrus waste.

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