Helium Changing The Rules!


First let me say that I love Helium but I find it very annoying when they decide to delete my articles without telling me why it was deleted. They did send me an email about one article they deleted, so I went through my other articles only to find they had deleted articles as well.

They one the did tell me about apparently was found to be “more promotional than informative”! Strange considering there were no links in the article and that it actually was rated number one at the time. I can only conclude that someone with a lower rating complained. I admit that as an example I referred to Communat several times but then it was only an example and absolutely of no benefit to me for mentioning them.

I then noticed the other articles that were deleted. it appears that they changed the word minimum from 100 to 200 words and then decided to backdate the articles. As mine was a poem I had to modify the entry and re-submitted it. I don’t mind rule changes but some notification would be nice and backdating to catch out what used to be conforming articles seems a little harsh.

Maybe you should check to see if any of yours have been deleted?