How About Buying Me A Beer?

I’ve just discovered another brilliant plugin for WordPress. It’s called the “Buy Me a Beer – PayPal Donation WordPress Plugin”. You can configure it to place a “Buy Me A Beer” button at the end of each post or in the sidebar of your blog. Basically it allows your readers to donate money to you via PayPal and the plugin is widget enabled.

They reckon that by adding the “Buy Me a Beer” button instead of a simple “Donate Money” button you will actually get more of a response as it has been shown that asking people to donate money by giving them a specific reason increases donations by 200%! Hey, if I can get even one beer I’ll be happy. 🙂
For people who prefer non-alcoholic drinks, there is a setting to replace the beer mugs with coffee cups too!
You can get the plugin here.

So, make me happy and buy me a beer.

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  1. Sire

    That was the best drop ever, Thanks heaps Kyle….(hic)

  2. Iantrepreneur

    have you gotten good response with the buy me a beer plugin?

  3. Sire

    Sure did, as you can tell by the comment Kyle bought me a beer. In appreciation I wrote a review on his blog.

  4. Jacob Sikais

    It is a great plugin… shame that we users can’t actually install anything like that… oh well… until it is released in widget form… I’ve gone to the liberty of setting up my own beer fund… cheers for the info!

  5. Sire

    No probs, it’s good that you were able to devise your own. :toast:

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