The Importance Of YouTube Views

YouTube Views

Why YouTube views is important! A few posts back I wrote about the importance of getting YouTube Subscribers. This was so important to some that they opted for the sub for sub deal. In my Sub For Sub video, I explained why this was a terrible idea. I also mentioned in that video why getting views was way more important.

Why YouTube Views Is Important

The importance of YouTube views is the more views you get, the more viewing hours you will amass under your belt. This is important because YouTube now requires 4000 hours of viewing time per year. Yep, that means if your viewing hours fall below the 4,000 hours minimum you forfeit the right to monetise your videos.

I’ve been wondering for a while now about the type of videos that will help me to build those views. I knew it had to be some sort of evergreen content. You’ll find an explanation and examples of evergreen content in my Getting Views On YouTube video.

I believe that ‘How To Videos” are exquisite evergreen content because people are always searching for ways to resolve one problem or another. I’ve proven this with my own How To videos, like my cutting curves in timber laminate floorboards.

After a fair bit of researching, you’d be surprised what I’m willing to go through for you guys ;), I discovered that as far as specific, how to videos go, women have an unfair advantage.🤪 The reason for this is because women aren’t built the way men are, and these women are willing to flaunt their sexual attributes.

The video below features three sets of women doing very mundane tasks around the home. Tasks that are so mundane you wouldn’t have thought it needed a how to video to explain how it was done. I’m talking about chores like drying dishes and sweeping floors. And yet some of these videos have over a million views!

Check out the video below to see what I’m talking about.