Join YouTube With A Brand Name

Should you join YouTube? I’ve been a YouTuber for over a decade and I’ve only just recently changed my YouTube account to a Brand Account. I showed the process of moving my channel to a Brand account in my video, Moving To A Brand Account On YouTube. After that video, I released my Hilarious Golf Joke video.

Join YouTube With A Brand Account

Join YouTube With A Brand Name

My latest video highlights Why You Should join YouTube. If I had known then what I know now I wouldn’t have lost all the comments I’ve left over the years, and believe me I’d left heaps of comments.

If you’re considering joining YouTube I highly recommend using a name that highlights your channel. This is important for SEO and because it shows your viewers what your Channel is all about. I’m sure that had I done that all those years ago I would have a lot more subscribers today.

You will get a whole lot more out of being a Creator if you get a kick out of making videos, and interacting with others. By interacting I mean with people who leave a comment on your video. When it comes to leaving good comments you should watch my How To Leave Great Comments On YouTube video.

Another good video to watch is the Types Of Subscribers video. When it comes to getting subscribers you should concentrate on developing your diamond subscribers,

Other Interesting Videos

We all know that I’m trying to build my YouTube Channel. I’ve mentioned it in several posts including my Latest YouTube Update

If you do decide to start a YouTube Channel here’s a review Best budget YouTube LED lights video. Something else to keep in mind, in order to get the best sound quality at a reasonable price, is my Boya BY-M1 Review.

I hope you find this post of some help.