Jokes About Donald Trump

I wrote a Donald Trump joke a few weeks ago on WassupBlog called Donald Trump Jokes. It was so popular I thought I would do a video about that on YouTube. It would be great if you could watch my Funny Donald Trump Jokes video and perhaps you could give it a thumbs up and share it with your friends. Anyway, on one of my other Friday Funnies posts, a commenter posted a Trump joke so I thought I would do a ‘jokes about Donald Trump‘ post on this blog.

Jokes About Donald Trump

The first of my jokes about Donald Trump is the one posted by that commenter I mentioned above.

There are five passengers in a plane that is about to crash with only four parachutes. The passengers were the Pope, Dr Fauci, Trump, Hillary Clinton, and a 10-year-old schoolgirl. The Pope took one saying, “I need one, as I need to save the world,” then jumps.

Dr Fauci puts one on, and says, “I need one in order to save the world from this pandemic,” then jumps.

Trump then says before jumping, “I need one as I am the smartest person in the USA.”jokes about Donald trump

Hillary Clinton, then tells the little girl, “go ahead honey, you take the last one, I’ve already lived my life and you still have plenty of good years ahead of you.”

The little girl replies, “that’s ok, there are still two parachutes left behind because Mr Trump grabbed my backpack before jumping.”

That’s an old joke which uses Trump as the foolish character and what makes it so funny is that it’s so in character. I also like the way he slipped in the pandemic to highlight today’s current Coronavirus dilemma.

There are probably more jokes about Donald Trump because he sets himself up for them. Take for example when during a press conference Trump suggests injecting disinfectant to kill the Coronavirus. In later interviews, he tries to redeem himself by saying he was just joking but anyone who saw that conference can see that he was serious.

Even Dettol gets in on the act after Trump mentions injecting the disinfectant saying;

“We needn’t have worried,” a spokesperson for Dettol said today. “Those caps are very effective at keeping out children – whether that’s a 4 year-old child or a 70 year-old child – so there haven’t been any adverse effects”.

Obviously referring to Trump’s intellectual supporters;

Donald Trump’s suggestion that injecting disinfectant could cure COVID-19 has not led to mass poisoning as first feared, with Trump’s supporters unable to get past the childproof caps on disinfectant bottles.

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