Just Giving A Post On Wassupblog A Plug

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There are times in a bloggers like when they feel that they have just written a post that is above the rest and they want to scream out to the world so that they can come down to read. The thing is that no-one can answer the silent scream and so they must wait until the post is indexed by Google or perhaps someone stumbles across it that likes it so much they decide to digg or stumble it and in leave the site commenting on every blog they see saying how they found this simply amazing post. Then again they may think it’s the worst piece of crap they have ever read and it causes them to spew all over the computer.

Now that is indeed a sobering thought, but I still want to take the chance and direct you to this post that I wrote called Blogs, Blogging, Young Man Old Man, Never The Twain Shall Meet, but do me a favor, if you decide to take the chance, please prepare a barf bag because I would hate to be the cause of spew going all over your computer.