Making Money On YouTube

Making money on Youtube is definitely possible! Is it easy to make money on YouTube? Some people may find it easy to make money on YouTube but I’m finding it a little difficult.

Making Money On YouTube How To

The first you need to do is to get an Adsense account, which is really very easy. That link will take you to  Google Adsense where you can sign up as an affiliate. Next thing you need to do is to start uploading videos to YouTube.

You will need to meet certain criteria before YouTube will let you run Adsense adds on them.

  1. You have to be at least 18 years old.
  2. Your videos need to be advertiser friendly. Another way of looking at it is ensuring your videos are family friendly. If they’re not Google, who is pretty prudish, will deem them as not being advertiser friendly and will therefore not let you monetise them.
  3. You have to make sure that your videos comply with Googles Term Of Service and Community Guidelines.
  4. You have to either have created all the content yourself or have permission, which you’ll need to provide to Google, to use any copyrighted material. For example, you can’t upload a video you produced with a copyrighted soundtrack. It will be rejected
  5. Even if you meet all these criteria Google still won’t let you monetise your videos until you’ve reached 10,000 channel views

What Types Of YouTube Videos Are Popular

Making money on YouTube is impossible without heaps of views. Getting 10,000 views sounds like a pretty hard ask but it is certainly doable. Heck, if I can do it almost anyone can. Of the 83 videos i’ve produced to date I’ve found the following types of videos to be the most popular.

How To Videos Making Money

People love how to videos. If you produce a video that can help someone resolve a problem it won’t take too long to build your views. My most popular how to video is How To Fix A Coroma Toilet That Won’t Stop Flushing getting over 42,000 views. It’s also my second highest earning video.

Walkthrough For Games

Game walkthroughs are also very popular. People are always getting stuck on certain levels and Google is their first avenue for answers when frustration gets too unbearable. My Walkthrough for Candy Crush level 147 strategy has over 46,000 views.

Jokes And Funny Videos Making Money

making money on youtubePeople love to laugh. There are a lot of skits on YouTube and they can accumulate a ton of views. Take this one for example getting over 17 million views! I can only imagine how much money that guy is making. My best effort is my Little Johnny jokes which has gotten lust under 5,000 views.

Other great ideas would be product reviews, (done a few of those), prank videos, memes and the list goes on.

My most popular video is my Free Style Motorbike Stunts video, getting over 360,000 video. Naturally thats also my highest earning video!

Making MoneyI have to admit that whilst it was hard making my first video it gets easier with every video produced. I’m sure the quality is also getting better. Take my last one for example. The video titling is definitely my best effort ever.

How are you doing on YouTube? Perhaps you’d like to share some of your knowledge with us.