My First Ever Blogging Award, The Award By Hanna

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How lucky am I, not only to be noticed by this beautiful and sexy young Italian lady but to also be fortunate enough to win the following Blogging Award.

Award di Philohanna
Thank-you so much Hanna for thinking of me. 🙂
For those of you who do not know this spunky lady, she is a poet, artist and blogger extraordinaire and I am proud to display this award that she so graciously presented to her favourite bloggers. Ah, if I was single and 20 years younger. a devious SireOh, what was the award for? It was for excellence and to show her appreciation to the bloggers that helped her to get to where she is.

The other fortunate bloggers who also won an award include:

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21. AleX2000
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24. Maxanima
25. Aslan
26. BlogCave
27. MaestroAlberto
28. mdplab
29. Dani
30. EvNucci

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  1. hanna

    we make to move a world!
    sei simpatico!

    you have a great the day!
    baci ed abbracci! :-* :love: :clap_tb: :dance:

  2. Sire

    anche te hanna :clap: 😡

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