My Smilies Are Back

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Well not my original smileys, they stopped working because they were incompatible with the latest WordPress. I did however manage to find another Smiley Plugin called Custom Smileys by Quang Anh Do. At the moment there is only 5 smileys but I will add to them the first chance I get. I have also followed the author’s instruction and changed comment.php so that all those lovely readers who love to comment can make use of the smiley plugin as well. 😀

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  1. Christine

    Well then, I think it’s only right that we test them out!!


    This is a test, only a test. If this had been a real comment, it would have made sense.

  2. Sire

    But my dear, you always make sense. 😀

  3. Christine

    And someday I’ll be making dollars instead of sense.


  4. Sire

    Now that will happen ^:)^

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