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Lets face it, we can’t possibly blog all the time. We all need a bit of relaxation time and what better way than to play some free online games that I host. I reckon most of you would be familiar with the classic Pacman game, at least those of you baby boomers anyway, well I have just installed another version called MS Pacman. It really is quite good as it comes complete with levels.

If there are still Pacman lovers out there, I think you will like this one as well. The main difference is that unlike the original version the screen outlay on this one changes. It certainly keeps you on your toes.

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  1. Christine

    Hey honey,

    I had to tell someone, so I’m telling you.

    I entered a contest at a site called Ryan Shamus. He’s having a contest on guessing the date of the next page rank update.

    Well, I left a comment at his site letting him know that I was going to enter and come to find out I won the other contest he was holding. The contest was that whoever was the 504th commentor on his site would win a Mr. Beer microbrewery kit. And I won it. LOL

    Whoo Hoo, honey. First round’s on me. LOL

  2. Sire

    Cool you can supply the beer when we go on our double date. :toast:

  3. Christine

    It’s a deal.

    Think I’ll call it Sapheyer-Brew


  4. Sire

    Sounds good, but I want to be there after you’ve had a few just to see if you can still pronounce it.

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