No Nipples On YouTube

As I’ve stated before the biggest challenge in the new YouTube update is not the 1,000 subscribers, it’s getting the required 4,000 hours. In an attempt to meet the 4,000 hours requirement I decided to give many YouTubers what they want. To tantalise their visual senses. In my effort to do this I discovered a crucial fact. YouTube does not like nipples! Yeah, I know, who does not like nipples, right?

Why No Nipples On YouTube

So, let’s start with my first few attempts at getting those 4,000 hours. It was a video called Hot Female Cyclists Hot Women wearing Lycra. I posted that on March 16th and to date it’s received 4,588 views and has 21 likes. It also has 2 dislikes, but I learned long ago you just can’t please everybody.

Jost over a week late I uploaded a video called Sexy Female Competitive Cyclists. That video was nowhere as near as popular getting only 696 views, 4 likes and 2 dislikes. Still, I reckon an extra 600 views a month adds to my hours’ count.

A couple of weeks after that I uploaded Sexiest Female Pole Vaulters! That one did better than the competitive cyclist video overtaking it by hitting 802 views with 4 likes and no dislikes.

That’s when I decided on doing something a little more daring. I uploaded a video called Brazilian Fan World Cup Nip Slip. That video took off like you wouldn’t believe and would have surpassed the 10,000 views if some puritan decided that exposed nipples were pornographic and reported it to YouTube. YouTube consequently deleted the video. I naturally appealed saying the video

no nippleswas nowhere near pornographic but to no avail. I still disagree, but then we all know there’s no way we can win when YouTube has made up there mind.

Still, I decided to put it out to the masses, and so I reuploaded the video calling it, Banned YouTube Video No more Nip Slips Allowed. This time I censored the video by covering the offending footage and blaming it all on YouTube. I’ve also asked for people to give their views on the ban. So far no takers. But then again, it’s only got 25 views. What do you think?

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