Not All Blondes Are Dumb!

The setting is a casino where it’s almost at the end of a shift. There are these two bored dealers at a craps table when a beautiful blonde comes up and places a $20,000 bet on the table for a single roll of the dice. She looks at them coyly and says; “Say guys I hope you don’t mind but I always feel luckier when I am naked.”

She commences to take off all her clothes and then rolls the dice. As she throws the dice she yell; “Mama needs new clothes!” Almost immediately she starts jumping up and down screaming; “You bloody beauty, I won, I won,” all the while hugging the dealers. She then picks up her winnings and leaves.

The dealers look at each other stupefied and finally one of them asks; “Shit, what did she roll?”

The other says; “I don’t know I thought you were watching!”

You see, not all blondes are dumb.

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