Online Translation Services

Have you ever gone to a website that’s in another language and used a service such as Google Translate to translate it for you? I have and I sometimes wonder how accurate the translation really is. There have been times when I wanted to write a small not to my relatives in Italy and I’ve used one of the online translation services. Now my Italian isn’t the best but even I know the translation wasn’t as accurate as it should be. I try to fix it up as best as I can and I send it off thinking, ‘Oh well, better than nothing.’

Now while this sort of translation service is good enough for translating websites or for small notes to relatives overseas they’re no where good enough for those important translation tasks. I’m talking about important letters that need to be flawlessly translated because anything less could cost you the business.

Rosetta Online Translation Service

One online translation service that I’ve come across is Rosetta Translations. I’ve had a quick look at their website and it’s extremely easy to navigate to relative pages. They appear to offer translations in all the major languages which is a good thing. I’m assuming that they’re good at what they do because they’re willing to provide their services for the following.

  • Legal translation
  • Financial translation
  • Technical translation
  • Medical translation

I think it’s important that they guarantee their work and the fact that they’re a member of the UK Association of Translation Companies ( and the American Translators Association ( adds to their credentials.

If you’ve used Rosetta’s Translation services I’d be thrilled if you left a comment telling me what you thought of them.