VPS Explained And Why You Should Have It

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VPS explained is repurposed from Ryan Huang’s video, What Is A VPS? using Content GorillaGrammarly and adding my own expertise with VPS.

I’ve migrated this blog from a shared web host to a VPS one. So, what is a VPS? A VPS stands for a virtual private server, also known as a virtual dedicated or dedicated virtual. Although there are different names for it, the most common one is VPS or virtual private server. Whereas many people choose to host their site using shared hosting, because of the low cost, in time, some of those decide to, as I did, to move to a VPS host.

VPS Explained Simply

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Blogging 4 Income’s First Post

Learn why Blogging 4 income came into being. Yes, while there are many posts on this blog, this is Blogging 4 Income’s very first post. It may seem especially strange if you were to look back to my very first post, Introduction To Blogging Your Way To More Wealth, which I wrote back in 2006. But, in those days, right up until yesterday, this blog was known as BlogSire.

Blogging 4 Income Better For SEO

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LOL Parrot Jokes

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I did a video the other day called Funny Parrot jokes, and so I thought, in honour of that video, today’s Heaps Of Jokes post should be about some LOL parrot jokes.

LOL Parrot Jokes Parrot & The Burglar

One peaceful night a burglar breaks into a house while the owners are out on the town. As he creeps through the family room, shining his torch on the floor, he hears a voice say, “Jesus is watching you!”

He stops and nervously looks around and not seeing anything he shakes his head and continued to look for valuables. Again, he hears that voice, “Jesus is watching you!” He stops again and shines his flashlight all over the room until the light rests on a parrot. Looking at the parrot, he asks, “Did you say that?”

“I did,” said the parrot, “I’m just trying to warn you that Jesus is watching.”

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