Sire Rates The Paid To Post Sites!

Yep, I’ve been using these sites for awhile now, so I thought it is about time I rate them in my order of preference.

PayPerPost is definitely No.1 for for simple reasons.
1: The amount of opportunities available
2: The high pay rate for bloggers
3: The great affiliate program
4: Ease of use and constant updates which are always done with the bloggers in mind.

Blogsvertise is No. 2 for the following reasons.
1: Actually contacts the blogger when a task presents itself.
2: You can actually set a minimum you will accept.
3: Payout not as high as PPP but higher than others.
4: Offers an affiliate program where you get 20% of what advertisers spend on advertising.
Just note that they do require 3 links per post. I have done a review on this site here and have rated it as No 3 for ease of use and because of quick payment,

Blogitive would have received a No 3 rating except for the fact that it requires two unpaid posts between any paid posts. This naturally lifts the work load for the blogger. As it is I rate it No 4
1: Offers a lot of opportunities but maximum payout only $5 per post.

LoudLaunch rates as No 5
1: Will occasionally notify the blogger of tasks but it pays to log in to check.
2: Consistent payouts of $7.50 per blog

Review Me has received a rating of No. 6 yet it could be so much better. I just haven’t done so well with it and the fact that they rejected 2 of my post after first approving and paying me for it with no explanation didn’t help their rating.
1: Payouts a lot higher
2: Bloggers can put badge on site with the $ value they will accept for posts

BloggerWave No 7 is relatively new and may in time climb up the ladder.
1: Pay per post as high as $10
2: If you have multiple blogs you can accept the same task for each blog.

Smorty No 8 is also relatively new and also has the potential to climb up the ladder.
1: My highest payout to date for a single post is $6
2: More ops than bloggerwave but I have actually made more with bloggerwave.

SponsoredReviews No 9 and I don’t really have anything good to say about them as I have never had an opportunity to write for them. I have included the link because other bloggers out there may well have more luck.

If you found this of some use you can actually earn $7.50 by reviewing this post by just clicking on the badge below.

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  1. kdonlan

    Glad to see your enthusiasm about the money involved in internet marketing. I was wondering if you had heard about Postiecon. This is a free conference that is going to be held in Las Vegas in November and will be discussing the topics that you seem to enjoy. Check it out.

  2. Sire

    Actually I have heard of it and thanks for the invite, but unfortunately it is a little too far from Australia for me to attend. 🙁

  3. joe comp

    hmm global crisis make many advertiser not give price’s good but it will depends for the advertiser.geez, i hope this situations will be back normal again.

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