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Getting more YouTube subscribers is more important now than it ever has been. The reason why getting more YouTube subscribers is so essential is because YouTube has changed the rules. From February the 20th one of the criteria for monetising your YouTube video is having over 1,000 subscribers. The other being 4,000 hours of watch time in a year.

I produced a video on YouTubes new rules, calling it Are YouTube’s new rules fair?

As I’ve almost got the view times in the bag, I decided to tackle the ‘Getting More YouTube Subscribers!’

Getting More YouTube Subscribers – How To

  • Getting More YouTube SubscribersYouTube Branding: Installing a branding watermark on your videos is a great way of increasing your subscribers. I’ve taken a screenshot of my branding watermark, which can be seen in the image on the right. Once you’ve created your brand, it appears in all your videos. Mine is that little thumbs up icon, and when you hover over it, you get the subscribe box. You can find theĀ Branding option in your Creator Studio in the Channel section. The image I used was 800×800
  • End screen & Annotations: This is a great way to get more views, as one of the options links to another of your videos, and another option gives your viewers another chance to subscribe.
  • Pin A Comment: I went to all of my popular videos, the ones that are getting a lot of views and ‘pinned’ the following comment. ‘For those of you who haven’t heard, YouTube now requires I have 1,000 subscribers to monetise my channel. Please support me by subscribing so I can continue to publish videos.’ By pinning your comment, it remains at the top of the comments.
  • Reciprocation: In the above video I told my videos that I would be more than happy to subscribe to anybody that subscribed to me. I also mentioned it in the video description!

So far it’s working pretty well. I managed to pick up another 30 subscriptions in about a week. Makes me wish I started this a lot sooner.

I hope these tips onĀ Getting More YouTube Subscribers works for you. Remember, you subscribe to me and I’m more than happy to return the favour.


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