The Search Engine With The Human Factor

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This is something that I though a lot of my readers would be interested in. It is a search engine that unlike Google and other search engines that rely on bots, algorithms or company know it alls to decide on the relevance and ranking of data acquired they instead rely on human participation to get all this done.

touts itself as ‘The Human Powered Search Engine’ and rely on humans, you and me, help categorize the World Wide Web. One could even say that it is a little similar to StumbleUpon. I decided to ask that question to the portion of the site that says you can “Get real answers from real people in real-time. Type your question here and get connected instantly! There may be somebody online who can help you.” but got the following response “Either nobody is available or no one chooses to answer your question. Please try again later. If you download our plug-in you can also answer questions!” Yeah, I may just do that.