The Sexiest Tree In OZ!

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You may remember the post on the naked tree that displays a very sexy tree indeed, one that looks very much like a shapely naked woman. Well that one was taken at night with a camera phone and for ages I was wondering if it was all to do with a trick of the light.

Unable to contain my curiosity I went there during the daylight hours and took another photo, but this time with my trusty digital camera. This is the result.

Sexy tree

As you can see. the tree is still very becoming, and so without further ado I name it The Sexiest Tree In OZ!

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  1. Christine

    I don’t mean to rain on your parade, but I think your tree is a Hermaphrodite.

    That one peice of bark running up the middle there looks suspiciously male

  2. Sire

    Trust a woman to be able to see something that a male can’t

  3. Christine


    Hey, it’s in our “jeans”. LOL

    I thought the same thing when I saw the night time pics, but it’s more pronounced in this pic

  4. Terry

    That’s amazing – but the more i look at it, the more I’m convinced that it’s upside down! But that just means it’s great creative photography… nice one!
    – Terry

  5. Sire

    Hi Terry, yes you are right, it is upside down 😉

  6. hanna

    Hi Sire!
    I’m here again!
    Grazie del comment! :-*
    I can copy the photo with a lot of link for you!?
    that is, for you blog,I meant… lol.
    grazie del comment! :-*

  7. Sire

    Si Hanna, you may copy the photo and I enjoyed leaving the comment 😡

  8. ash

    errr……is the tree upside down… tht case we have many sexy trees near my place…. 😛 ;;)

  9. Sire

    The tree actually isn’t upside down but the picture is 😉 Do you have any pictures of your sexy trees?


    =)) =)) =)) =)) =)) =)) =)) =)) =)) =)) =)) =))

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