TuneFlow Opening Up The World Of New Music

Are you tired of mainstream music? Do you think that there has to more and better music available than what is being offered? If you answered yes to even one of these questions then you are ready for TuneFlow. Tuneflow is a place for music lovers to congregate to discover new music ,new artists and new bands. To date TuneFlow features over 1,500 songs from nearly 600 artists in 14 different music genres…with new songs and artists being added daily! It’s unreasonable to think that the big record companies own all the rights to the best talent in the world. There are so many awesome song writers and performers that are making great music that you just don’t get to hear, until now.

As a member you get get free MP3s as well as rate songs. There are five good reasons for Artists to join TF;

• Get a FREE Website to promote your band and music!
• Sell your music on TuneFlow FREE (with no restrictive contracts)!
• Compete in the FREE TuneFlow Tournament each month and expose your music to hundreds of new fans, get FREE reviews, and receive major recognition!
• Get FREE global airplay for your music on TuneFlow Radio!
• Advertise your live gigs…FREE!

And best of all, it’s all for free.