Turning Your Website Into A Virtual Shop


I would say that one of the biggest hurdles facing someone who has a product to sell is how to get it on the Net. Obviously the reason for putting it in the Internet is so they can expose it to the millions of Web Surfers all over the world, but simply having a website isn’t good enough. Sure you will get heaps of visitors, but how do you handle the sales?

What you need is decent shopping cart software! Now, Ashop Commerce has a revolutionary online store building software. It has award-winning features that allow the merchant to set up their very own online store so that they can compete with the best of them. You will be able to accept credit card online and can even customize the look and feel of the store.

Imagine you will have the store and every visitor will have a virtual shopping cart, which they can fill in their own sweet time. The best thing is that they have 10-day free trial offer but check out Their 6 reasons why you should choose this ecommerce software.

1. AFFORDABLE Why spend thousands from your hard earned income when you don’t need to. Our shopping cart software features and design allow you to build ‘top shelf’ online stores for only a small monthly investment.
2. EASY! Anyone can set up an Ashop Commerce shopping cart. Test drive or view our testimonials and explore the opportunities.
3. TECHNICAL SUPPORT AND CUSTOMER SERVICE It’s not just an ecommerce software, It’s the full service. We bend over backwards to help you succeed.
4. GET FOUND ON SEARCH ENGINES 100% optimised shopping carts give you the best possible platform and advice to reach the top of the search engines.
5. CUSTOMISABLE DESIGN WITHOUT RESTRICTIONS No templates, use our unique design creator or even flash and HTML to continuously create that personalised look you need.
6. TOTAL SOLUTION Securely hosted, free emails, 128 bit SSL checkout security, design services, full fraud alerts and web promotion services.

You can actually see how it all works just by logging onto ashop.com.au as they obviously use their own shopping cart software, after all why would they use an inferior product when they have the best.

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