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My purpose for writing this post is twofold. The first is to personal so that I can see which ones are working best for me and which aren’t. This will help me to concentrate more on the better performing ones. The other is so that it may help others in selecting which ones they may want to join as affiliates.

ClixGalore: One of my better performing affiliate companies. Allows me to pick and choose which banners or links I want to post on my blogs. Naturally I prefer the PPC (Pay Per Click) ads as every click guarantees you an income. By the amount of members that they have on their books I would say that they have a high success rate with their ads so I would suggest that they are also a great pick for Merchants as well.

Commission Junction
: Similar to ClixGalore but to this day I still have not earned a cent. I find that the greatest problem is the lack of (at least they do not make it as easy to highlight PPC ads) PPC ads. if it isn’t a PPC ad then the only way you get paid is if someone who clicks on an ad actually purchases something. No sale no pay, and so far even though I have sent hundreds of potential customers their way, no-one has actually bought anything.

Jumbo Affiliates: Similar to the other two. Not a bad performer for me and it’s probably because like clixGalore I can pick PPC ads.

SFI: I had great hopes for these guys but I am afraid it is more suited to Americans than it is for someone way down Under. If you are the type that can really build a good downline of go getters then this will be a good performer. Unfortunately mine have all turned out to be low achievers.

Naturally there it goes without saying that Google Adsense can be a real winner depending on how many hits your blogs get. One that many people do not know about is Kontera which displays relevant In-Text Ads on your website or blog.

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  1. silken

    well, I still really don’t completely understand the way affiliate programs work. I had an account w/ amazon that never made anything. but I have one now w/ mailbox ixchange (www.mailboxixchange.com) which just paid me $71!! that is pretty cool!!

  2. Sire

    So Silken, how did that one come about?

  3. silken

    I don’t really know! I signed up for it, placed the ad link on my blog and now, they gave me money for it! you can find the link on my “did you know” blog. look at it and see what you think…

  4. Sire

    Well lucky you :clap: Just so you know I checked the link on your blog and I joined so I may very well be under you. Maybe we can make some together. :dance:

  5. silken

    sounds good, eh? I like the money I got from it. the first go round I think I made more, kind of a “sign on bonus” so we’ll see how it goes from here….hope it works out well for you too!

  6. Sire

    No such luck Silken. I installed the code into my blogs but it made the template do strange things so I had to remove the code. :clueless:

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