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It’s only been a few months and I can safely say that I am quite pleased with the way Wassupblog is progressing. In only a few short months it has achieved a PR2 and has an Alexa Rating of under 200000. Only has 35 people who have subscribed to it’s feed but has a ‘reach’ of 11, which means that roughly a third of my subscribers have viewed or clicked something on my feed.

My latest post What Type Of Commentator Do You Aspire To Be? is proving quite popular and I recommend it to my BlogSire readers as well as it has some important points about commentating.


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  1. Mitch

    That’s great news, Sire. Progress is always a good thing, isn’t it? Of course, you didn’t mention me, the most prominent poster you have, helping things along. LOL

    Mitchs last blog post..Stuff You Probably Missed

  2. Sire

    Of course Mitch, that was so obvious I just forgot to mention it.

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