Viral Videos Explainer Video

viral videos explainer video

For ages, I’ve been searching for a viral videos explainer video. How does one produce a viral video? What makes a video go viral? What do I need to do to make one of my videos go viral?

Is There A Viral Videos Explainer Video?

Sure there are many videos on YouTube that profess to show you how to make a viral video. Hardly any of them have their own viral video to back them up though.

Viral Video Tips

After extensively searching through YouTube’s videos, I finally managed to put a video together which I called Why Does A Video Go Viral. In that video, I discussed the following points.

  • The importance of Thumbnails: How important are they for getting a video to go viral?
  • Will ranking first on YouTube lead to a viral video? This point was stressed by a lot of YT’ers.
  • The Snowball effect
  • The importance of playing to people’s emotions
  • The length of viral videos: How long should a viral video be?

Best YouTube Tools

Those are just some of the points I cover in my Viral Video Expose. You’ll also see in the video how I use TubeBuddy to help me rank better on YouTube.

Knowing the importance of Thumbnails I use The YouTube Graphics Creator. It helped me to design the thumbnail for my video on what makes a video go viral.

Other Interesting Topics

We all know that I’m trying to build my YouTube Channel. I’ve mentioned it in several posts including my Latest YouTube Update.

Something many YT’s aren’t doing is leaving good comments. In order to help them get an advantage, I produced my how to leave great comments on YouTube video. What with the uproar about YouTube deleting channels and banning comments of others because of people abusing the comments section I figured it was the perfect timing for my commenting video.