Where’s A Geek When You Need Them

Commodore VIC-20 Computer with later revision ...
Commodore VIC-20 Computer with later revision case badges. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I remember the first ever computer I ever owned, it was the Vic 20. When you compare it to the computers of the day it wasn’t much, heck most of the toy computers that you buy for your kids have more power than that baby did. The problem is as computers evolved so did the problems associated with them. When things are working everything is roses but when things start going wrong, that’s when most people start tearing their hair out.

Even though I don’t consider myself a computer geek I do know my way around them, to an extent, which normally results in family and friends giving me a call because their computer is not working as it should. So, what causes these problems?

Common Computer Problems

  • Computer Running Slow: This is probably a common complaint and the first thing I look at is the space left on the hard drive because more often than not they’ve used it all up meaning there isn’t much left for the computer to swap memory, or whatever it does, when trying to allocate space.
  • Spyware / Adware: Didn’t exist in the Vic 20 days, that’s for sure. This stuff is usually picked up when downloading programs from the Internet or even from accepting certain emails from friends and acquaintances. They can be eating up valuable resources which will cause your computer to run really slow.
  • Viruses: I’m sure you’ve heard of viruses, well computers catch them too, usually online, and when they do they can do a lot worse than make it run slow.

The thing is that because computers are so complicated there are times when things that can go wrong with them need a lot more than your neighbourhood geek to fix them. Sometimes what you need is a supergeek to get you through.


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