You Can Make Money With MySpace

Unlike a lot of people who join MySpace, I did it mainly so that I could display my videos on my blogs. Mot people however join MySpace to meet people, to share ideas, blog articles, pictures, videos and even videos. Some people even have private MySpace accounts, limited to family and friends and others make them open to the general public. Even politicians such as John Howard Australia’s Prime Minister has a MySpace profile. The thing is they tell me you can also make money on MySpace!

The only problem is that once again it is limited to those damn Yankees. Come on guys how about giving us Aussies a go. We are a pretty hard working mob who come up with som real you beaut ideas and you are leaving us out. Fair suck of the sav guys, you just are not being fair. :((

This is not a sponsored ad. I am merely promoting an Aussie company. Naturally there may be some sort of kickback for some of the promos I take on.

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  1. George

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  2. Sire

    I may have a better look at this forex thing when I have more time.

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