YouTube Popular Videos

When referring to YouTube Popular Videos naturally I’m referring to my YouTube popular videos. 😇 You may recall my last post which included my funniest Aussie jokes video. Since then I’ve uploaded 15 new videos 6 of which were joke related. 

Jokes Are YouTube Popular Videos

It’s because funny videos are so popular on YouTube that I have produced so many, hopefully, Joke related videos. The biggest problem, of course, is getting traffic to those videos. 

Naturally, I use the best SEO that I am capable of, but like all SEO they take time. I also promote my videos on as many social media as possible. While some views come from my subscribers, they’re just not enough. 

Speaking SEO, I thought I would link to those six funny videos.

In regards to the really funny gifs video the image below was just one of the funny videos included in the video.

YouTube popular videos

 Perhaps one of the reasons my Funny Sex Jokes video has so many views is because of my YouTube Thumbnail which you can see below.

As I’ve mentioned before, getting traffic to your videos is the biggest hurdle. This is why it’s so crucial that viewers find your video so thrilling that they’re willing to share it with their friends who in turn share it with friends. With any luck that is how your video can go viral.

Unfortunately for me, while I have videos that are getting considerable views over time, I can’t say I have any that have gone viral. Wouldn’t that be a great feeling?😃