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YouTube Reviews – Handheld steamer

I’ve just written a post on one of my other blogs called Best Videos For YouTube. That post explains, in my opinion, what type of videos get more watch time on YouTube. It also highlights the fact that as far as YouTube is concerned watch time is more important than views. This post is about YouTube Reviews. My latest video is a Kmart handheld steamer review video.

While it is just over a week old, it made it onto my top ten videos according to my YouTube analytics. It would have gotten a lot more views except for the fact that there probably isn’t a lot of people looking for reviews on handheld steamers. It also has a bloody lot of competition as far as handheld steamer reviews go.

Knowing that I’m using the ‘Kmart handheld steamer review’ keywords. This has placed me third in the YouTube search results when it indeed should have put me on top. As you can see from the image below two videos above me, don’t even mention Kmart.

YouTube reviews

Personally, I’ve always felt that YouTube’s search results were biased. 😠

Anyway, although using those keywords put me in a better position as far as search position is concerned, the number of people using those exact keywords would be a lot fewer than people searching for handheld steamer reviews. I reckon I will review my keywords after this post to appeal to a greater audience looking for handheld steamers.

Improving Quality Of YouTube Videos

As you know, there is a lot of competition on YouTube. To stand out from the crowd, I’m trying to produce better quality videos and I do this in the following ways.

  • By making sure all my videos are in HD.
  • Editing them to ensure viewers get the best video possible.
  • Using a green screen wherever possible to make my videos more unique. Check out my latest video and tell me what you think.