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My YouTube Update

It’s time for my YouTube update. When I wrote my last weeks post on increasing YouTube subscribers I had 775 subscribers. A week later and I have 782 subscribers, so I’ve managed to grow it by 7 subscribers. At this rate, it’s going to take me another 31 weeks to get to 1,000 subscribers. That’s one of the milestones I need to achieve to be able to monetise my YouTube Channel.

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In this latest YouTube update, I’m going to list last 5 video uploads.

Today’s video is a Steel Blue Safety Shoe review.

I don’t expect the video to go viral or anything, but I am hoping that it gets at least a few thousand views 🙂

Yesterday’s video is virtually an Aussie Slang translation video.

I did this one in the form of a story which I hope the viewers find entertaining. There’s a lot of competition in the Aussie slang market but I’m hoping the Aussie Slang Story twist will work. I’ve also slipped a few surprises in the video which I’m hoping they’ll like enough to share the video.

The next video was Top Grid Girl Headlines I’d like to see.

Again, I’m hoping that a little twist will gain the approval of my viewers. Of course, the biggest problem is to get the views. That’s one of the problems of having a small subscriber base. You’ll find videos with a lot of views usually belong to people with heaps of subscribers.

Formula 1 Bans Grid Girls is definitely my most popular video with 425 views. This video would have done a lot better if I posted just as the news broke, rather than nearly two weeks later.

The same goes for my fifth video Are YouTube’s New Rules Fair?

Like the Formula 1 video, this one would have done a lot better if I uploaded it as soon as I received that fateful letter.

So, for today’s YouTube tip, don’t wait until it’s old news when uploading your latest video. Upload it when the news is hot off the press because that’s when the bulk of the searches will take place. Also, the sooner you do it the less the competition out there!

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YouTube Update