OK, What can I tell you about myself.

I’m an Australian male who at the writing of this post is 49 years of age. I am happily married with two great teenage kids. I completed my matriculation and then went on to further my education with the goal of becoming a teacher. I was one semester from completing this goal when I decided this was not the path for me.

From there I went to work for Coles and got as far as assistant manager of a store when I decided I’d be better off working for myself. I then went into business with my brother (a deli) that we ran for seven years. The hours sort of sucked so after seven years we decided to sell and try our fortunes working for someone else. Wrong! After working for yourself for so long it’s kind of hard taking orders from others, especially when you think they would be better off giving orders to a three year old.

My brother and I then bought a distribution business and have been doing that for twenty odd years.

I used to have a BBS called Prestige BBS but unfortunately the Internet kind of killed that. I then decided to try my hand at my own Website The Elusive Pot of Gold which I hoped would help people to gain a little extra cash.

Originally I started to blog as a SEO tactic but have now come to love it to the point where it takes up a lot of my spare time. It has actually become a very profitable enterprise and I hope to share all my money making ventures with my readers.

I may add to this if anything else comes to mind.

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  1. Trisha


    This is Trisha from Australia. I was wondering if you could get link exchange with your blog. If you’re interested please send me your link information so I can add you as soon we receive your infos and add it under “Australian Blogs”.

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  2. Sire

    Hi Trish, I left that bit of info in case someone wanted to make use of it. As for me I actually have a linking directory on my WassupBlog and you are quite welcome to add your link there.

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