Best WordPress Plugins 2020

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Best WordPress Plugins SEO

Yoast SEO is the most popular SEO plugin on the market. It makes it super easy to change a page title and meta description for every page directly in the editor of each post, and it keeps itself up to date with current best practice suggestions. There is a paid version, but the free version gets the job done pretty well. 

I have to agree with Yoast SEO being the best SEO plugin available as I use it myself for all my blogs, including my latest

Best WordPress Plugins Cache

best wordpress plugins 2020

If you’re looking for a cool Cache plugin, then you can’t go past WP Super Cache. Site caching is an excellent tool for speeding up load times by keeping a lightweight copy of your site in a returning user’s browser, which results in lower load times, less frustration, happier visitors, better SEO and a better user experience. 

I’ve tried WP Super Cache on my Laugh Out Loud blog, but I found that WP Fastest Cache works a lot better.

It’s also important to remember that Google and other search engines look at a site’s speed when considering where that site appears in search engine results. A slow site will usually appear below a site with better loading rate. You don’t want to be that site.

Best Image Compression Plugin For WP Speed

Smush Image Compression is a must as large images are a fast website’s worst enemy. The solution is to compress them, and I believer Smush Image Compression helps you significantly reduce image file size while retaining quality. Once ‘Smushed’ they still look great but don’t require a NASA computer to display them quickly and adequately. 

I fully conquer with the last statement, which is why I use Smush on all my blogs.

Importance Of Site Direction

What does Harry Styles call his solo career? Redirection. It’s also the name of a great plugin that makes creating and managing 301 redirects without the use of code easy. You drag and drop new and old links into fields and boom! The plugin directs it to the page of your choice. 

The rule of thumb is never to delete a page. Instead, always redirect and use a simple tool like this to eliminate the hassle. 

I’ve personally found this plugin to be extremely useful.

WooCommerce For Product Selling

WooCommerce. Woo! Commerce! Yeah, my fave. If you’re planning on selling products on your site, this plugin is the best all-in-one WordPress solution. Not all WordPress themes are compatible with WooCommerce, so make sure you use a theme that is to avoid running into design issues as you build and expand your business. 

That’s our top five WordPress plugins you’ve got to have. What are your favourite plugins? Let us know in the comments. 

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