Cash Back Credit Card Card Calculator Just For You

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There used to be a time when there wasn’t all that much choice in credit cards, but those days are long gone. These days I would say there is too much of a bloody choice. There are so many different credit cards that you can choose from you could almost go crazy trying to make up your mind.

Rather than tear your hair out, which is not a good look I might add, you could always go online and make use of the cash back credit card calculator. This is really quite unique, no I’m serious, and I’ve never seen one of these before. The way it works is you enter your annual spending profile for categories such as super market, gas, drugstore, cable, utility, travel, dining etc, and then you select whether you want the calculator to maximise your rebates between several cards or just the one. Once you’ve made your selection you click on “Show Me The Money” and presto it’s worked it all out for you. This is the ultimate way to get the best out of your credit cards and it’s one that many users find very useful.

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