Promoting A Blog With Instagram

I’m in the process of promoting a blog with Instagram. I’m sure you’ll all agree that driving traffic to a blog, no matter how old it is, isn’t at all easy. Not long ago, I wrote a post about my latest blog

Since that post, I’ve been thinking about how to drive traffic to the blog, and I wanted to do it all for free! That’s when I thought I would give Instagram a go.

How I’m Promoting A Blog With Instagram

I’m happy to admit that I’m still learning how to use Instagram as a promotional tool. So if any of you guys have some tips on promoting a blog with Instagram, then feel happy to leave a comment down below. What I have learnt through my research, I used the knowledge to produce a video about Instagram and blog promotion.

Choosing The Right Instagram Name

When starting an Instagram account to promote a blog, it seemed smart to ensure they shared the same niche. The closest I could get to was _laugh_out_really_loud, which I thought was still pretty cool. I’m going to make sure that the bulk of the posts will be funny memes that will try to put at the very least a smile on the viewers’ faces.

I’m going to try and stand out from the crowd by doing more than just reposting funny memes I’ve found online. My jokes and funny memes will be as original as I can get them, and they will all be of high quality. That’s not going to be that hard at all because I’ll be using the Graphics Creator.

Here’s one of my funny memes that I put together with the help of the Graphics Creator.

Promoting A Blog With Instagram
Created with the Graphics Creator

What I did in that image was to paste an image that I did find on the net with some additional text and a nice blue background that made it pop! One thing I’ve learnt is that your Instagram images should be 1080×1080 if you want them to fit nicely in your post. Otherwise, they will get trimmed or look out of wack.

A Cool Instagram Tip

Something I’ve picked up is you can embed Instagram posts on your blog or website. Like the one below.

Now that whole image is clickable, as you can see in the video above, which will drive folk to your Instagram page which I feel is really cool.

While you can’t use tags on Instagram you can use hashtags which I’m still coming to grips with because I’ve never been big on social media.

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